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Welcome to the overview of my 12 week home fitness plan!

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As a mom of five I’m often asked, “How do you do it?” “How can I get in shape?” “Where do I start?” “How can I improve my muscle tone?” “Do you have any advice of how to get started?”

Yes! Yes, I have answers!!!

My answers to these questions are now all here in one place for anybody and everybody who wants to know and I have created 12 weeks of workouts to help anyone who might desire to find a plan. This is intended to make you work hard and, in the end, get noticeable results.

Who is this program for? Anyone of any age, of any gender, from any walk of life. It’ll produce great results and lead to lasting success for everyone who is willing to give it an honest try. Each person is beginning from a unique place, with unique motives and unique circumstances. No one has perfectly matched genetics, metabolism, hormones and lifestyles, but with hard work and intentional eating this plan will be successful.

But the beauty of this program is that you will start at your own level and work at your own pace. Every body is different, but the same training, diet, and supplement principles work for nearly everyone.


I have adopted a fitness training method called circuit training. Circuit training is a style of workouts with little to no rest time between sets. You keep moving practically the entire time. Sets of intentionally grouped exercises compliment one another to avoid exhaustion of one muscle group, but allow you to continue working the offset muscle groups while the others rest.

These same exercises can be done with no weight or with weight, at the gym or at home, at the park or in the yard. If you are brand new to working out, then I would encourage you to begin with no weight and gradually increase as you move through the program. If you are more advanced, then feel free to do these exercises at the gym with as much weight as you can handle.

This plan was written based off of the actual exercises I do at the gym, but is designed for use at home as well. I tried to use options that require little to no weight in order to make it as easily accessible and user friendly as possible, but ideally as you get more and more comfortable with the movements and stronger over time you’ll add in weight as often as possible. If you do belong to a gym, these workouts would be great using free weights and many gyms have machines that will work the same body part in the same way.

These guides will take you through a 12 week program. Each week you will have three resistance training days, 2 cardio days, 1 active rest/recovery day and one full day of rest. This plan is intended to be flexible, because…good grief…our workouts need to “work” with us not against us. The goal is that you could look ahead and plan your week around your workouts in a way that is life-giving to you and your family. Staying consistent is key.

tip 1_meg marie wallace fitness plan

If you’re a mom, then look for ways to include your kids if at all possible. Some ideas would include:

  • For the days you’ll have low intensity cardio put your kids in the stroller and go for a long walk with them.
  • For the days you have high intensity cardio maybe you can go to the park and have them either run with you or sit on a blanket to write tally marks for how many sprints you’ve completed.
  • Buy your kids a jump rope and let them try to work out with you.
  • If your kids are at soccer practice run back and forth the distance of the field. Often I will do the resistance part in my living room or at the gym and then save the cardio portion for when I can add it to something else I’m already doing with the family. You’ll have different and unique circumstances that make you you, so be creative. Think of ways to use your time efficiently, and use whatever resources and time you have available.

tip 1_ stay hydrated


Each workout is approx. 40 minutes (including the rest time between sets). There will be 6 rounds of 6 minutes each. Ultimately each circuit is completed 3 times. You will repeat each single exercise in each circuit over and over again until the time limit is finished. And then you will move on to the next exercise. Rest for 30 seconds after each 6 minute circuit and one full minute after the 3rd circuit.

Make sure to note the order of the circuits.
Round 1 is 1,2, 1. Then your 1 minute break. Round 2 is 2, 1, 2. And then you’ll recover and stretch.

Be sure to keep proper form.
Watch yourself continually to make sure you are doing each exercise the correct way. But the goal is to finish as many sets as possible for each 6 minute circuit.



Each week you will be given:

1 upper body workout

1 lower body workout

1 full body workout

These 3 main workouts will focus on building muscle as well as keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout. In addition to these 3 circuits you will also need to plan a day for:

1  low intensity exercise (such as a fast walk or swimming) 45-60 min

1 high intensity training, also referred to as HIIT (sprints, stairs, etc.) 30-45 min

1 active recovery (yoga, slow walk, light swimming, etc.)

sample weekly workout schedule | meg marie fitness | FREE 12 week fitness plan


Plan ahead: Glance over each exercise and review the glossary to make sure you know in advance how to do each one. You don’t want to stop to learn it in the middle of your workout, so be sure you know ahead of time what to do.

Supplies: Have your yoga mat, weights, towel, and water nearby. Gather everything you need to avoid having to stop to find something. This would be a great time to get your favorite playlist going and turn it up loud!

Warm up: Spend 5-10 minutes on your own warming up and getting ready to workout. It’s not best to start cold, especially if you are working out in the morning.

Circuits: For each day you will be given 2 circuits containing FOUR exercises each. You need a clock or stopwatch nearby to keep track of the amount of time you perform each exercise.

Circuit 1: Begin the first exercise and repeat it for a full 30 seconds. Immediately move through the other 3 exercises without rest, 30 seconds each. Perform the FOUR exercises 3 times each to complete a full 6 minute circuit.

Then rest for 30 seconds.

**Glance back over the exercises in circuit 2 to make sure you can get going as soon as those 30 seconds of rest are over.

Circuit 2: Begin the second set of FOUR exercises for Circuit 2. Repeat the exercise 3 times, moving fluidly every 30 seconds from one exercise to the next to complete a full 6 minute circuit.

Then rest for 30 seconds.

Circuit 1: Go back to the FOUR exercises from Circuit 1. Repeat each exercise 3 times, immediately move to the next exercise every 30 seconds. You’ve completed a third 6 minute circuit!


The second half of the workout will reverse the order of the circuits. You will do the exact same sets of FOUR exercises, however you will begin with the FOUR exercises from Circuit 2.

circuit 1 summary | meg marie fitness |


circuit 2 summary | meg marie fitness |


 circuit 1 summary | meg marie fitness |


 circuit 2 summary | meg marie fitness |


circuit 1 summary | meg marie fitness |


circuit 2 summary | meg marie fitness |


Once you complete the final circuit, make SURE to stretch and drink plenty of water!

get plant of rest | meg marie fitness | FREE 12 week fitness plan

"If we underinvest in ourselves, and by that I mean
our minds, bodies, and our spirits, we damage the very
tool we need to make our highest contribution."
-author, Greg McGeown

Getting enough rest during this process is crucial. I know sometimes, as moms especially, we don’t ever feel like there is enough rest. But try to make it a point to go to bed on time and to squeeze in a nap if at all possible. Rest is necessary for your muscles to grow and for your body to recover.



Low Intensity/Active Rest Workouts (1-2 days per week): On the days when you plan your low intensity feel free to be as creative as you would like.

Ideas would include: walking, swimming, yoga, bike riding, skating

High Intensity Workouts (1 day per week): High intensity workouts should not be completed on leg days

Ideas would include: Running sprints on a track (sprint 1 lap, walk 1 lap and continue alternating for 30 min.), running sprints on a treadmill (set treadmill at 8.0 and run 30 seconds on and then jump your feet off to the sides and rest for 30 seconds off), stadium sprints-run up one set of stairs, walk down the next, keeping alternating for 30 minutes.



You will need a yoga mat, some light weights or a band, a chair, some steps. An extra favorite of mine is this portable bluetooth speaker so I can blast my music as I workout. But there are ways around spending money. Don’t ever let that keep you from starting.

If you do not already have these items there is no need to spend money, simply improvise with what you have. For example: if you do not have weights or dumbbells fill up a couple of empty milk gallons with water until you have the desired weight. If you don’t have a yoga mat simply do these exercises on a carpeted floor or on a blanket. I really tried to make this as user friendly and budget friendly as possible. If you need more ideas feel free to ask me or do a quick Pinterest search as well. There are so many amazing people who have come up with some incredible solutions.

DAILY OVERVIEW | CIRCUIT 1 AND 2 | meg marie fitness | 12 week FREE workout plan


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To help guide you through the various exercises, I created a FREE PDF with descriptions of every single exercise in this plan. Photographs will be included each week when I release the new circuits, but feel free to print out the PDF for a quick glance guide as you workout.

I’m so excited to have you all be a part of this journey! I’m hoping for amazing results and cannot wait to hear your success stories!

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