24 things you didn't know about us

This is the week I would normally be posting some cute gift idea for you moms to make for your kids to spoil them rotten for V-day, but seeing as I haven’t even thought about getting around to that yet (and so the list begins for my mom fails of 2017)…I decided to share with you some fun facts about us. 🙂

First let me just say that Kate’s dress was a dream come true for her. She had been begging me to let her dress up fancy again for some photos and this one was picked out by her for our Christmas photos…but it didn’t come in time. She was so bummed….but I had promised I’d make it up to her! So she’ll be using it for a super fancy surprise daddy/date night soon! meg marie wallace; fun facts

1. Matt and I both have nicknames for one another that we’ve used from when we were dating…he calls me “lady” and I call him “Mr.”

2. We love comedy…like a lot…it’s one of our favorite thing to watch together. Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears running down my face make it so I can’t see anymore…and he’ll have to push pause until I can get it together. And then that only makes me laugh harder.

3. We always, always greet one another and say goodbye to one another. Even if we’re mad we still will always say hello and goodbye.

4. We both have a MASSIVE sweet tooth…and we are very picky about our desserts. We both love chocolate way more than fruity…and Matt is absolutely convinced that fruit should never be warm.

5. Matt loves to surprise me with things, which I also love a TON…but he gets so strange about stuff that I can totally tell when he’s lying…but I play along anyway…(and he just saw I wrote that and swears I can’t tell….hahahaha….oh honey, yep, yep you’re right…I have NO idea what you’re up to…)

6. I rarely ever order food at restaurants. He always picks better things off the menu and I used to just steal all of his meal…so most of the time now I don’t even look at it…I know he’ll do a better job getting me what I want than I will.

7. Neither one of us can sleep when the other is out of town. We come up with a thousand other things to do so we don’t have to go to bed without the other.

8. When we were first married Matt taught me how to cook. He’s the best at looking around for random ingredients and coming up with some gourmet meal…except for that one time he accidentally added cumin instead of cinnamon in his homemade cinnamon rolls…and then stared at me like a total weirdo while I took my first bite to see if I’d notice…and then when I told him I thought something was “off” he tried to convince me it was all just in my head…

9. Matt lets me pick out his clothes. It took me two full years into our marriage to gently convince him that he was horrible at dressing himself and now he’s actually much better at it…but he should never ever ever ever ever pick out mine. No really…never.

10. I have not put gas in my car for about a decade…or maybe longer. There was one time recently when I had to and I about had a panic attack trying to remember how to open my gas can. He says that he likes taking such good care of me that I wouldn’t know how to do it.

11. Matt swears he can’t iron…as in, he tells me that he doesn’t know how…and then when I offer to “teach” him he winks and says, “well, I’m sure you’d do a much better job of it than me…” I know without a shadow of a doubt that he’s lying right out of that cute, sparkly blue eyed face, but I just smile and say, “ohhhhh ya I’m suuuure I’d do a better job…why don’t I take care of that for you”…while rolling my eyes…

12. If we ever get coffee or a mocha…or hot chocolate…Matt will (seemingly without even thinking about it anymore) take it from my hand and take the first sip. He will then give me a number…which means that’s how many minutes I should wait until it will be at my ideal temperature.

13. Matt loves lemon in his water but hates straws. I love straws and hate lemon. Whenever we are in a restaurant together you will always find his glass with 2 lemons and mine with 2 straws.

14. Matt only wanted 2 kids…………….hahahahahahahahahhahhahahaha

15. I will wait, for hours or even days if he’s out of town, for him to unclog a stuck toilet…I won’t do it…ever ever ever again…one time I tried…and it didn’t work…and that quickly became one of the worst day of my life.

16. We both love to cuddle. A lot.

17. And we flirt non-stop…as in all day long…unless we are in a fight and then there’s absolutely no flirting aloud…but sometimes he’ll try to throw some little comment right there in the middle of a fight, sort of like a grenade, to test me to see just how mad I am. Sometimes that bomb blows up in his face and other times it completley derails the fight and we both start laughing…but that’s a risky one, huh babe?!

18. We work out at the gym together almost every day. Fellow gym members will ask what’s wrong if the other isn’t there.

19. We can have entire conversations using only movie quotes.

20. Matt often rubs my feet before bed…with essential oils even! And he makes sure I close my eyes before he turns out the light because he knows how much I love his face being the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

21. We fall asleep every night holding hands.

22. It is sometimes really hard to get dates nowadays…because we birthed a small army of little people and it can be a challenge to find sitters…but we do a pretty good job of having “stay dates”. We love coming up with fun ways to spend an evening together.

23. Matt is my personal airbrush spray tan man.  Nope, not kidding one bit. Ahhhh!!!! How can you not love this guy with what he’s willing to do for me??? I plan to blog ALL about this soon because I get asked all the time about how I stay tan year round…but I owe my amazing California-glow to my sweet hubby. (I’ll also share about the many hilarious disasters before he became so skilled at it!)

24. He still, without fail, opens every door for me, holds his hand out whenever I get out of the car and intentionally walks with his body closest to the street to make sure I’m not the nearest to the cars. My perfect gentleman.

That’s it for now! I would LOVE to hear what makes up you and your husband’s unique story!!! Comment below and share something sweet or something funny! love Meg Marie signature

This dress is so pretty and I plan to wear it for a wedding we are going to in March, but I thought it’d be fun to find another excuse to put it on! The off the shoulder look is perfect for hair up or down so I chose to do a messy bun to show off that pretty lace detail. I kind of wish I’d worn some bright red lipstick or something to make it more Valentine-y but I’m honestly still on the hunt for the perfect red…so let me know if you have any suggestions!

meg marie wallace; fun facts

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!

xo MM Meg Marie initials








*Oh and here’s some more dress options similiar to this style that I loved as well…

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  1. HOW ARE there no comments!?! Oh my gosh my husband and I sat here and laughed!!!! You 2 are awesome!
    I was giggling off and on…. he was all ” share! ” so I sat here and re read it all to him!
    Our husbands are very similar! I am a firm believer that you can tell how much a man loves the lord by how he treats his wife! Xoxo

    1. I giggled my whole way through writing that one too!!!! I honestly don’t know why there aren’t more comments. Drives me nuts! 😉 I would love to interact more but people often log off of the blog and just text me or email me! But maybe someday I’ll be able to interact more here as well! #thingstoprayfor #leaveittohim

  2. Could not love this more. You two mold together so beautifully. From an outsiders perspective you really are such a beautiful picture of what it means to be two people become one and an echo of the trinity in that they’re 3 persons 1 god. So lovely! Thanks for sharing! 💜

    1. Thank you so much! That is just the sweetest compliment. Somehow I think the bond between the trinity looks a lot less weathered and tarnished, but the outcome from our struggles have certainly produced something lovely. All the glory goes to Him and Him alone. Thanks so much for your encouragement. x0x0

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