3 Ingredient Crock Pot Meatballs

This recipe can hardly be called a recipe.

It’s THAT easy.

There are only three ingredients. I am not joking when I say that I make this at least once every other week. My kids ALL love this…and there’s five of them so that’s saying a lot!

Put all of the ingredients (I use turkey meatballs btw) in a crock pot at around lunch time and by evening you’ll have one happy, well-fed family. This is also a PERFECT meal to have on hand for those evenings when life gets away from you and you need something fast. I just put the meatballs in a glass bowl and microwave on defrost for 6-7 minutes and then throw all of the ingredients into a pot. They cook for about 15 minutes and then you’re done.

Crock pot grape jelly and BBQ meatballs



Source: Crock pot grape jelly & BBQ meatballs – only 3 ingredients! – I Heart Nap Time

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    1. I use the meatballs as the main dish. I made some brown rice with it, and have carrots with ranch and applesauce. I’ll definitely share more of our “go-to” recipes!!! Thanks for the feedback!

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