Meet Jason and Kim Le Huang

Although my husband met Jason years ago, I’ve only recently met Jason and Kim Le personally. Jason is one of Aric Lampert’s closest friends, so when I asked Aric to introduce me to a local photographer, he introduced me to Jason.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.29.37 PMJason and his wife, Kim Le, are photographers (she’s also a fashion blogger and online boutique owner), and together create one dynamic duo that’s for sure. The combined vision and talent between these two is incredibly astounding…and yet the heart to help me get things started and off the ground blows me away even more.

When I first met Jason and Kim Le they welcomed me into their studio, sat down to hear my thoughts and plans, and were not only interested but were helpful with feedback and opinions as well. Right away (as in, the same day I met him) Jason jumped in to help. Since then he has taken numerous rounds of pictures and has spent significant time editing them all to be able to give me content to build from.

To say Jason is skilled at what he does is quite an understatement. This guy is absolutely amazing and I could not possibly do him justice with my words. Check out his business, Table 4 Photography, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you live in the Southern CA area and are in need of a photographer I would highly, highly refer him. Even if you live elsewhere, and you are on the hunt for someone to travel to you because you really do want one of the absolute best, then don’t hesitate to give him a call!  He and Kim Le love to travel!

Kim Le-red dressKim Le used to be an accountant, then turned wedding photographer and is now a fashion blogger and online boutique owner. She is quite possibly one of the most uniquely gifted, stylish, talented, creative people I’ve ever met and her eye for color, for detail, and for beauty impresses me. To walk into her showroom is like walking into my dream closet! I absolutely love her style and would recommend her clothing line to anyone out there who loves a feminine wardrobe. Her online boutique is called Morning Lavender, and she also hosts a fashion blog called Lace and Locks. Look her up on Instagram as well! You won’t be disappointed!

Jason and Kim Le, thank you so very much! Jason, your time, hard work, skilled photography, amazing edits, and ability to talk your way out of awkward situations involving park rangers  have already benefited me in so many ways. Thank you for helping out in all of the many ways that you have, and for sharing your gifts and talents with me. Kim Le, you are amazingly sweet, incredibly beautiful, and oh so obviously talented. I admire your style to no end, and for you to share with me your advice and clothing line is unbelievably gracious of you! Thank you!!!