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I’m assuming if you’ve clicked on this page it’s either because you’ve never worked out before or it’s been a very long time since you have. Either way I’m here to help! I’m so proud of you for wanting to know more!

I want to be honest with you and let you know that the 12 week plan may be intense for a beginner. I certainly wouldn’t want you to jump in assuming it will be simple. And the last thing I want is for you to get hurt, overly sore right away, or immediately discouraged.

My recommendation would be to wait to officially start the full program until your muscles have had a chance to begin to form. Look at a calendar and pick a date one month from today. Follow the plan but only commit to doing 1 or 2 circuit rotations (instead of all 6) as the schedule explains.  Give your body time to get become accustomed to movements. After those four weeks if you’re feeling strong enough then start at the beginning and officially and fully begin the 12 week plan.

If after those four weeks you are still feeling like you may not be quite ready, please adjust again and start over once more doing 3-4 of the circuit rotations. Make sure to not overdo it.

I’d also like to reiterate that it’s important to seek the counsel of your doctor whenever you are beginning a new fitness plan, especially if you have any extenuating circumstance or health concerns. Please read the full disclosure to make sure this is the right plan for you.

The most important exercises to begin to incorporate into your one month warm up are: squats, lunges, planks and push ups. If you’re going to start anywhere let it be with those. Make sure to sign up for the fitness newsletter to get the FREE PDF description of each exercise to make sure you understand how to correctly perform each movement.

I’d also like to add that you’ll need to start taking frequent walks. Begin with 10 minutes, then gradually increase your time each day to get used to your heart rate climbing.

Here’s a little diagram I’ve put together to explain my goals for you with this program:

 meg marie fitness | 12 week guide | beginners page

I believe that in order to achieve a healthy, balanced body these three elements are necessary. And I’ll explain why:

Strength training alone: You will build muscle, but your heart and lungs will not be strong and you’ll likely gain more weight as the newly formed muscle remains covered by unwanted fat.

Cardio alone: You’ll likely lose weight but it will take a great deal of time due to poor eating habits. If you do manage to burn off the unwanted fat your body will look frail with no muscle to show underneath the skin.

Healthy Eating alone: You will likely not lose much weight, but if you do it will take a long time and the result will be the same as cardio alone. The lack of muscle gives the body a more sickly and frail appearance.

Strength Training + Eating Healthy= Cardiovascular health is so important. You’ll gain strength and likely begin to feel better all around from eating great foods, but will likely still feel heavier as the unwanted fat remains on top of the muscle.

Strength training + Cardio= Great combo and you’re almost there…but your results will be very slowed and often times unnoticed if you still eat poorly. I’ve often said that you can never out work a poor diet. What you choose to eat to fuel your body is so critical to making the huge differences you’d desire.

Cardio + Eating Healthy = Again, you’re almost there…you’ll likely see fast results with weight coming off. But once the unwanted fat is gone your appearance will be frail and what some people refer to as “skinny fat”.

Strength training + Cardio + Healthy Eating = perfect combo.

To grow your muscle first before introducing a great deal of cardio is the best plan. Give your muscles time to become established. Begin right away eating good, clean, whole, healthy foods. My best advice is to begin to follow the WHOLE 30 PLAN or the DANIEL PLAN. I have personally done both of these and have loved the results. Remember, changing eating habits needs to be a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. There are thousands of recipes online that fall in place with those plans so start pinning and start trying new things. I’ll be sending out my own recipes as the weeks go on so feel free to try those at some point as well. Once you establish a bit of muscle then introduce some longer walks and begin running or try out a HIIT workout. Implementing all three of these methods is the perfect combo to increase strength and lose unwanted fat quickly.

beginner's guide | meg marie fitness | 12 week fitness guide

I have full confidence that the smallest changes can have such a huge impact over time. Don’t be afraid to start! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, comment below or through email.



meg marie fitness | 12 week plan | small steps lead to big changes

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