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meg marie wallace nordstrom black and white bow yoga top

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I just LOVE this Kate Spade top and I’m so excited to share about it today! I am always always always keeping an eye out for feminine workout gear…it’s one of the first things I look for if I am ever able to spend money. 🙂

Dresses are nice and shoes are fun, but feminine workout gear is the TOP priority purchase for me if there ever was one. It may sound silly, but I want ruffles and fringe and bows when I lift weights.  Not too much, but just enough that what I wear and what the guy on the weight floor next to me is wearing are obviously different! lol!

When I first started workout out where the men are I was scared and intimidated. I would hang around one weight bench and try to get all of my exercises done within a 3 foot radius. I put on my music, would constantly look at my phone to figure out what to do next, and tried to keep out of everyone else’s way. I wrongly thought everyone else knew ‘all the things’ and that all eyes were on me, the obvious newby. I wasted so much time and energy worrying about the thoughts of others.

The more familiar I became with the equipment the more I’ve gotten over that awkward feeling of being there. I now just get done what I need to and have enjoyed getting to know some of the people that are there too. The more time I spend on that floor the more I realize that the men and women who I once thought were mocking me in their minds are actually just normal people too, and (at least at my gym) are friendly and honestly just proud of anybody who would want to try new things.

Exact link to my bow top is HERE but until it’s back in stock I’ve linked a few other super cute girly workout tops below. And if you ever stumble across any super cute girly workout gear please message me to let me know!!!

Also: I’ve recently asked my gym (who has strict policies against any photography or videography) if they would be willing to make an exception and let me come in after hours to film some workouts and take pics of some different exercises. They said YES and I’m so excited to be working toward that in the near future! I’ve heard from so many of you who feel scared or clueless just like I did and my hope is that maybe just maybe taking you along into my little gym world will help take out some of the hesitation and intimidation. Comment below if you have any requests of workouts or info you’d like me to work toward!

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