dark chocolate date cookies

dark chocolate date cookies | meg marie wallace blog

dark chocolate date cookies | meg marie wallace blog

dark chocolate date cookies | meg marie wallace blog

If you’ve been following along in my 12 week fitness plan this was the recipe in last weeks email! I’ve made them at least once a month for about a year now. We get our dates from costco and they come in a huge tub and are already pre-pitted. I use my magic bullet to make them super fast with easy cleanup.

These date cookies have been a family hit. The kids do not believe me when I tell them they are healthy for them and that they can eat as many as they’d like! They always stare at me as if I’ve just turned green.

These date cookies have no refined sugar and no flour and they’re packed with protein! Basically if a chocolate chip cookie and an energy bar had a baby…it would be this cookie!

This week we are getting ready to celebrate the princess’s birthday! We are having a spa and tea party with 12 little girls. I’m making towel wraps and flower crowns into the dark hours of the night…but every time Kate sees something else I’m working on she hugs me and thanks me for making this party so special. Makes me not want to complain at all about how much work it is…her sweet smile is worth every bit.

One little tip…if you make this recipe…expect them to go fast…and be prepared to have to make more.


copycat disney pineapple dole whip with protein!


The first year we lived here in Cali we had saved up for months upon months and bought a family Disney pass. We went almost every week becuase we wanted to get our $$$ worth!!! But…..I had JUST had baby #5 and standing in lines for hours on end wasn’t exactly the hap-hap-happiest place on earth with brand new tiny infant. We often chose to break up the waiting with searching for yummy foods (basically to buy ourselves time and bribe our kids to stay happy…..did I just write that???) and scoping out whatever short cuts we could find was a fun game for Matt and I (I mean, we liked the treats too!)protein-pineapple-dole-whip

For those of you who are local, this will be old news to you, but for those of you who might be planning a trip out to see Mickey you HAVE to make sure to plan in a little stop to get the Dole Pineapple Whip. It’s on the Disney side, just next to the Tiki Hut and a little trick to get your yummy frozen treat faster is to not wait in the line on the outside of the turnstile. Go inside the turnstiles (where the waiting area for the tiki room is) and stand in line there–it’s waaaay shorter!


Anyway, we don’t have our passes anymore (because good lord paying for year round passes for 7 people is the equivalent of a college tuition) and we have definitley missed these little frozen, sweet, fruity, whipped treats!

protein-pineapple-dole-whipSooooooo, we’ve decided to take the same idea making them similar to how Disney makes them, but try to do it a bit more healthy and with far less calories! These are perfect for a warm spring day, a fruity morning shake, or for a post workout recovery drink!


Oh and this Lean Body For Her Vanilla protein is safe for kids too (if you decide you want to order te same one I use be sure to use my discout code: Meg10 for 10% off), so you can make a big batch of this and everyone can share in it. Hope you enjoy them!!!




copycat pineapple whip; meg marie wallace




protein acai fruit bowls

peanut butter chocolate protein acai bowl

protein acai bowls; meg marie wallace; healthy recipespeanut butter chocolate protein acai bowl

Finding recipes that I absolutely love, that are healthy, easy to make, are something my kids beg for and I never get sick of are sort of like finding a unicorn! This recipe meets every one of those requirements and more! It has protein in it for energy and muscle recovery, some sweetness because good grief I have such a sweet tooth, fresh berries, peanut butter and chocolate because, well, those are just all so amazing together…and whenever my kids hear that I’m making these they are in the kitchen faster than you’d ever imagine!

This is one of my absolute favorite snacks to have in the afternoon. I don’t know about you but I get some pretty fierce sugar cravings at about 2-4 pm every day. Please tell me I’m not the only one! But I refuse to just indulge in whatever junk might be laying around, like those leftover brownies staring at me from the stovetop. I’ve had to look hard for options that don’t get me off track with my fitness goals. This little dish not only curbs that sugar craving but it is perfect for my kids as well.

I buy my acai berries prepackaged and from Costco. The day I found them there I’m pretty sure I let out a little yelp of excitment right there in the isle! I soften the packet just a little bit under warm water before I blend together those first few ingredients in my Nutribullet.

My Labrada protein that I add into it is also perfectly safe for my kids and me. (Make sure to use my discount code (meg10) at check out if you decide to get this exact kind.)

This recipe came from me trying to mimic an acai bowl from a little hole in the wall shop just around the corner from my house. My friend first brought me one the day I came home from the hospital after my son broke both of his arms. I hadn’t eaten in over 48 hours so when she dropped it off on my doorstep it was better than finding a little pot of gold. I would say that it was so good because I was famished and I was close to eating my own arm off, but I’ve since that day I’ve been to maaaaany other shops that make acai bowls and non of them even come close!

So I was left with no choice but to either spend all of our savings getting these bowls daily or try to make my own!

I hope you like it too! Please let me know if you try my recipe and what you think!



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protein acai bowls meg marie wallace






beach labrada supplements
As my workouts have shifted from more of a cardio driven routine to a more weight training routine, I’ve realized more than ever that cardio alone is NOT the best use of my time for the fitness goals that I have.

Note: If you want to maximize your efforts at the gym, see results faster and keep those results longer load bearing exercises with short burst (HIIT) cardio is the way to go.

The best way to support that kind of activity is to make sure I am giving my body the fuel it needs.

Put simply, I’m a busy wife and mom and I don’t have the time to waste on exercising in a way that doesn’t give me the absolute best return on my investment. 

I used to think that supplements were a waste of time and money. That is no longer the case.

I do not find ALL of these to be completely necessary, and mind you, my knowledge in each of these products is limited. I am no expert. I am not a certified nutritionist. I’m self taught and I use what works for me. But, I know that everyone is different, so take it all with a grain of salt.
I’ll share why I use each one and what the benefit it serves. I’ve ranked them from my most preferred to my least important, yet every thing on this list is my “must-have’s” list.

  1. Multi-Vitamin-meg marie fitness |supplements |lean body for her | multivitamin
    I love food based vitamins and that’s what these are. I typically eat well, but taking a multi-vitamin every day helps me with peace of mind concerning anything I might be missing. With the stress that exercise can put on my body and the pressure of my everyday life, it’s the best way to make sure my diet is balanced and healthy. It has iron, which many women do not consume enough of, calcium and Vitamin D for bone health, and folic acid (folate) which helps make healthy new cells and helps maintain blood health. Lean Body® for Her Food-Based Multi-Vitamin not only contains all of the aforementioned, but it also has in a Veggie Juice Complex and Complete Digestive Support, which means it’s derived from natural ingredients and gentle on the stomach.
    I’ve never ever had a stomach ache from taking these.
  2. Protein- meg marie fitness |supplements |lean body for her | protein
    Protein helps my muscles repair and grow and get the nourishment they need more quickly than from other slowly digested proteins. In this particular one there is no gluten, lactose (**I personally cannot have much lactose. I’m super sensitive to it. Unlike other proteins I’ve tried I have NEVER had trouble with this protein), artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Some protein powders contain one or all of those things so be careful what you choose to buy.But don’t get confused with proteins. There’s lots of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon bun, peanut butter, salted caramel). And there’s basically three options for how you can purchase it: powder, ready to drink (RTD’s), and individual packets (for on the go).
    **When I drink my normal protein shake just before I work out I almost always use the chocolate. Mixed with ice, water, and a bit of coffee it’s my personal favorite. I also drink it right after a super tough workout when my muscles are starved for more sustenance. 
    **I typically use the other flavors for baking and cooking.
    Ex: I use the vanilla flavor in cookies and breads (there are SO many amazing recipes online), I use the peanut butter mixed into my greek yogurt, as a topping on my oatmeal, or as a spread when mixed with water, and the cinnamon is perfect to make protein pancakes for breakfast!
  3. BCAA’s-BCAA
    I never knew what these were until I began weight training so if you’re in the same boat I’ll help explain. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of three amino acids – leucine, valine, and isoleucine. BCAAs play a significant role in building and repairing muscle after a workout, and also act as a “signal” to your muscles that nutrients are available for increasing muscle mass.
    **Put simply, my muscles are destroyed when I lift heavy. BCAA’s help repair them and they also work like a train carrying the protein into my muscles.
    This particular BCAA also provides, jumpstarts recovery, supports immune function, and replenishes your electrolytes lost while training. And that’s why I love it so much!
  4. Pre-Workout- Pre-workout
    These are to optimize and enhance your strength, endurance, mental focus, and recovery. Pre-workouts have seriously changed my world when it comes to staying consistent with my workouts!!!! And I’m totally not joking! There are many days when it is tough to get motivated and my head in nowhere near the game, much less in it. But taking this every day has completely changed that.

    **Funny Story: I bought my first pre-workout and honestly didn’t expect much. I followed the instructions and took the recommended dose. I drank it all up during my drive to the gym and was totally shocked that I actually enjoyed the flavor. For me, that is saying a LOT! (You can ask Matt, I’m crazy picky.)
    By the time I had checked in and gotten my kids settled in the child care room and made it upstairs to the treadmill for my warm up it had begun to kick in. Honestly, though, I had forgotten that I’d taken it. Most supplements that I take do their “thing” but I don’t feel any different, but this was not the case! I normally do a light jog for my warm up, but on this particular day I felt like running! And fast! I had the treadmill cranked up as high as I could go and was basically sprinting the entire warm up! At a 3% incline!
    Once I got to the weight floor I was adding more weight, and bouncing around like a puppy eager to get to the next exercise. I felt focused, happy, and “on” the whole time. For the life of me I could NOT figure out what had made the difference…until I got back in my car and saw my shaker bottle! Then it hit me! “OHHHHHHHH!!!! SO, THAT’S WHAT THE FUSS WITH PRE-WORKOUTS ARE ALL ABOUT!!!!”
    Duh to me.
    Well, I learned that day that I needed to tone it down juuuust a little bit and that don’t actually need a full scoop every day. I take about 3/4 of a recommended serving because it works almost TOO well on me. But everybody is different, so if you get this my advice is to start small and work your way up! 🙂
    Oh, and moms, sometimes I take a half scoop of this before I have to take all five to the store. Costco is much more manageable with a pre-workout giving me some extra energy! 🙂
  5. Green Superfood-superfoodThis is basically one more way to get some extra vitamins and is safe for everyone in the family! It’s USDA Organic, vegan friendly, contains probiotics and enzymes to aid in digestion and support immune health. It is also rich in chlorophyll, which helps support detoxification.
    **I put it in my shaker with my pre-workout so it’s less to have to think about. This one I LOVE because I sneak it into as many different foods and drinks for the family as I possibly can! The kids are getting their veggies and have NO idea!
  6. Anti-Bloat-meg marie fitness |supplements |lean body for her | antibloat
    This one isn’t on my “must have” list, it’s more like an extra perk.
    This one: Helps reduce excess water weight, is a natural detox formula, supports natural weight loss, and helps me feel more energized
    **The directions say to take this at night and then in the morning you’ll wake up with far less bloating and water retention. Personally, it keeps me awake at night so I’ve switched to take this in the morning instead. It’s perfect for those times when I have eaten more salt than I should have or during my cycle when water retention is higher.
  7. Sorenzyme- sorenzyme
    Naturally Reduces Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S.), Accelerates Workout Recovery, Improves Muscle Gains and Performance
    **Okay, so that can get really wordy, I know…so put simply, this one is UHMAZING and helps me not be so stinkin’ sore!!!!! I don’t understand all of the ins and outs of D.O.M.S. but I do know that if I lift really heavy I sometimes can’t walk the next day, or the following three days. When I take this it drastically improves the speed of recovery. This means I can heal fast and get back to wrestling with my kiddos! 🙂

I hope this list helps! If you want to purchase anything this is the code to my affiliate link to receive 10% off your total order.

If you have ANY questions, please ask. I’ll try to help as best as I am able, and if I don’t know an answer I will most definitely find an answer from someone who does! 🙂

Lean Body 10% off | meg marie | sponsored athlete

3 Ingredient Crock Pot Meatballs

This recipe can hardly be called a recipe.

It’s THAT easy.

There are only three ingredients. I am not joking when I say that I make this at least once every other week. My kids ALL love this…and there’s five of them so that’s saying a lot!

Put all of the ingredients (I use turkey meatballs btw) in a crock pot at around lunch time and by evening you’ll have one happy, well-fed family. This is also a PERFECT meal to have on hand for those evenings when life gets away from you and you need something fast. I just put the meatballs in a glass bowl and microwave on defrost for 6-7 minutes and then throw all of the ingredients into a pot. They cook for about 15 minutes and then you’re done.

Crock pot grape jelly and BBQ meatballs



Source: Crock pot grape jelly & BBQ meatballs – only 3 ingredients! – I Heart Nap Time

Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos w/Pineapple Jalapeno Slaw

fish tacos

It’s fall! And the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling, thoughts of warm fires and evening walks in the crisp air fill our minds….

…except for those of us who live in southern California.

You see, it’s still hot here. Very hot. While there is MUCH to celebrate about living here, (beaches, warm weather, beaches, sunshine, beaches, salty air, beaches…) it is also a tiny bit of a bummer that we do not have much of a fall or a winter. Our “winter” (I use that term very, very loosely) will come, eventually, but it will look completely different than the majority of the rest of the country.

So, while the rest of the world is wearing warm socks and posting about pumpkin everything, I still have my house fans on and crave fish tacos. But who doesn’t love fish tacos year round, right??

I think I’ve made this at least once a week for the past 2 months. It’s that good.

fish taco-mahi mahi

serving size 2, serves 2 people

2 mahi mahi filets (I used the frozen kind from Costco)
fish seasoning
salt and pepper
1 T olive oil
1/2 package pre-made cole slaw (approx. 2 cups)
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 small red onion, chopped
1/8 cup jalapeños, chopped
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
4 corn tortillas
Cilantro, avocado, and Srachi sauce for topping

1. Brown fish filets in olive oil. Add seasoning and salt and pepper while it cooks.
2. Mix together slaw mix, greek yogurt, onion, jalapeños, and pineapple.
3. Brown corn tortillas in olive oil, both sides
4. Prepare tacos, then add cilantro, avocado, and srachi sauce.
5. Devour

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