Hi. I’m Meg. I’m a pastor’s wife, sponsored fitness athlete, newly homeschooling, miracle mama of five. I love fashion, beauty, all things pretty and life in general. 

But the truth is, no matter how much I try to dress it up, cover it up, conceal it up, buff it up, or sweeten it up the bottom line is I’m a sinner in need of grace. I intentionally use my blog to write about the girly things I love but also the struggles, failures, doubts, shortcomings, and weaknesses…how I’m really doing…with the intention that opening up my own life will give encouragement and hope to others.

I want to help women find purpose in what is mundane, meaning through hardships, joy within struggles, and peace amidst chaos. My prayer is that those who read my blog would be encouraged to be focused and steadfast, unmoved by circumstances, and to flourish wherever God has placed them…for their joy, the glory of God and the good of those around them.

Put simply: This is “lifestyle beauty” blog is a space to:

Create BEAUTY with fashion ideas, fitness tutorials, makeup suggestions & hair inspiration

Cultivate BEAUTY in marriage, within the family, and all throughout our homes.

Curate BEAUTY in the mundane & the every day: through the ups/downs, pain/confusion, exhaustion, struggles, chaos and busyness.

and Celebrate BEAUTY in the gifts we have been given, the joy in living, the finished work of Jesus, His perfection that covers, cleanses, gives hope, purpose, and meaning…

So let’s make beautiful a life that boasts in His grace, mercy and love, giving glory to the Giver…the Author of beauty, because no beauty can compare to Him.

If you’ve made it this far let me say a huge thank you!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my heart for this space. And I’ll also say, welcome!

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or a protein shake) and stay awhile. I hope this is a place where you can let your hair down for a moment (figuratively & literally), take a deep breath and find a friend.

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Wallace Family; Beach photos, playing in the sand