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A sweet friend of mine, Shirley, owner and curator over at Five Arrows Jewelry, collaborated with me on a new jewelry design in regards to my most recent post and new blog launch! She is a fellow mama of five and had her babies super close together just like mine. She homeschools (is that a correct word because my auto spell says it isn’t—but I’m going to ignore that bright red line telling me to fix it….) her little munchkins,  loves Jesus and is involved in ministry.

Five Arrows Jewelry Packaging

We have so much in common and although she lives on the east coast, and I’m on the west….and we’ve never met in person (or even been within a thousand miles of one another) we feel connected and call one another friend. I love meeting new mamas through this venue because there is no way our paths would have ever crossed otherwise. I absolutely LOVE supporting small business owners, especially ones that create and craft with intention.create beautiful silver, create beautiful bronze necklace by FiveArrows Jewelry

Shirley and I brainstormed together going back and forth with ideas eventually leading us to combine her favorite and my favorite to make OUR favorite. This saying “create beautiful” comes from my heart regarding the main reasons Why I Blog and my desire in how I want to live life.

She took those two simple words and went to work. By that night she sent over pictures of this amazingly lovely design and by the next morning the necklace was complete!  I think she did such an incredible job capturing in art what my heart longs to communicate.

create beautiful bronze necklace by FiveArrows Jewelry

I couldn’t be more excited to support not only her business, but HER!
Shirley, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out. I love your heart to serve others. I hear it in your text messages as your are daily pouring yourself out for your family, your husband, your church, your business and complete strangers. You encouraged me when I wanted to give up and I am so thankful for your heart to love others. Through it all you remain joyful and joy-filled and you continue to get up again every day to do it all over once more. You have the gift of encouragement and are an extremely talented, brave and strong woman. It’s an honor to know you.

Five Arrows Jewelry is also one of the shops who is participating in my new blog launch giveaways! If you win this prize you’ll be picking out a necklace for you AND also getting one for a friend too! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and make a comment anywhere in the blog to enter to win!
**Winners will be picked on Friday, January 13th, at 9:00pm PST.

To get one of these necklaces now click on any of the photos or go to 

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 create beautiful bronze necklace by FiveArrows Jewelrycreate beautiful silver, create beautiful bronze necklace by FiveArrows Jewelry

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