Dressing Trendy On The Cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

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one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap

one glass slipper | meg wallace | casual look |dressy trendy on the cheap


Since most people I know are in a similar boat as me in the fashion realm of trying to look cute and not break the bank I’ve decided so answer some of the most common questions I am asked about my own wardrobe. Being married to a pastor and a momma to five littles money is not free flowing toward my fashion desires these days, so getting creative is an absolute.

Q: How Often Do You Shop?

Not very. Unless you define “shopping” as looking around for good deals, looking around for styles that really stand out to me, or comparing prices and searching online for styles I love. But shopping does not always mean buying. I wait until I find items or things I absolutely love before I buy.

Q: Where Do You Buy Your Clothes?

The days of casually strolling through shops on my own are extinct, so, the majority of my shopping is now on the internet. I love online boutiques and stores that have trendy styles, but are still really inexpensive. I try to always link items that I have so that you can get an idea of where things are coming from.

Q: What Kind Of Items Do You Buy?

I now have to be super creative with looking for things that I want verses things I need. I get ideas from social media, billboards, magazines, friends or even strangers and then think through items I already own that would look similar. I shop around online to find the best deals I possibly can and then add it to my “wish list.” This is the same process for any style I wear…athletic, street, church, date night, causal etc…

Q: What Is Your Favorite Thing To Shop For?

Practical, versatile, and comfortable. I love styles that I don’t feel like I want to change out of them the second I get home. And styles that are good for multiple parts of my life like going to volunteer at the kids’ school, heading off to the grocery, going out to lunch with a friend, and then back home for homework and cooking dinner. I strongly dislike having to change 3 times a day so I avoid it as much as I can.

Q: Do You Buy Brand Name or Generic?

Both. I love to mix the two. Sure, if I had all the money in the world maybe I’d buy more name brand, but that is never ever going to happen!  As I think through different outfits and what makes each style stand out to me it is different every time. A name brand pair of boots with some generic leggings, or a name brand top with some cut up cheapy jeans, or a name brand pair of wide leg pants with a t-shirt from target…it’s always a blend of both for me.

But, I never buy generic running shoes. I just can’t. I log a lot of miles in my shoes so they need to hold up. And there’s just some things that should never be generic! Like mayonnaise:)

Q: How Do You Update An Old Look To Make It Trendy?

Pairings and shoe styles matter the most.  I heard on the radio this past week that the first thing people notice about the opposite gender is their shoes. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I do agree that shoes matter.
The thing about fashion is that it is always changing. And that’s the whole point of fashion…those who sell it will always make money because it is always being adjusted and updated. But much of what I have owned for years can be worn in new trendy ways if styled differently or are paired with a trendy up-to-date shoes.

The clothes I’m wearing in these photos are things I have had for years! No, I’m not kidding…that sweater may have been one of my all time most used purchases! 🙂 The shoes and jewelry are new and I’ve never worn these particular items together in this way so it all “feels” new to me.


**One Final Tip: Share with and borrow from friends!

In college I used to live in a sorority house with over 100 other girls. If any of us needed something we didn’t have we would borrow from one another!  If you’ve got some friends that love to dress in a similar way don’t be afraid to speak up and either ask to borrow something or set up a clothes swap where you can trade items.


How, when, where do you shop? Do you have any shopping-on-the-cheap advice you can share that we can all learn from too?

Sweater: old, similar HERE // Jeans: old, similar HERE  // Shoes: Charlotte Russe, similar HERE  // Purse: old, similar HERE // Necklace: similar HERE








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  1. Thank you sweet friend for writing this. I have never liked shopping online, but I supposed if I looked more that way I might know what it is that I was looking for when I actually get into a store. 🙂

    1. Ya, it’s a huge time saver for me. 🙂 I bet you’d like it too if it gave shape to the ideas you may have in your head.

  2. What are your favorite online places to shop? I never make it to the actual stores anymore with the kiddos … need some new places!

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