Labrada Spokesmodel Contest 2015

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IMG_1423x2I have followed Jamie Eason for quite awhile now. Jamie is one of the top female fitness models in the world and is currently Labrada’s poster child for the company (as far as the women’s side of things). Personally, I think so highly of her. She is a cancer survivor, married to a worship pastor, is a mom, looks amazing and loves Jesus. I originally found her on Pinterest and began her 12 week training program after delivering my 5th baby. I loved the simplicity of the program. It spells out in great detail what to eat, how to workout, and what exercises to do. I didn’t and couldn’t hire a personal trainer so this was the closest I could find to someone guiding me through the weight room. I had dabbled with weights in the past but mostly in group exercise classes and spent the majority of my workouts doing cardio. The results of her program were evident, and after that I began following her on social media. One day she posted the ad for the Labrada competition and mentioned that it was an amazing opportunity for women desiring to enter into the fitness-modeling world. Never, ever, did I think that I could make top 7, much less win, but I decided to shoot for the moon anyhow!


I found out about the competition 8 weeks prior to the entry deadline…3 days before we were heading out of town for our week long family vacation. Knowing I wasn’t starting from scratch was encouraging, but I knew once we got back I would be really short on time to get the results I knew I would need.  Nevertheless, I had the thought that it was at least worth a shot. The day we got home from our family vacation I put together a plan. My husband was unbelievably supportive and was the backbone to my efforts to strictly change up my diet and find time to get into the gym. He pushed me, encouraged me and challenged me…especially on the days when I wanted to give up.

I made a deal with my brother that I would paint his new son’s baby furniture if he’d help with my entry video for the competition. I wrote the script and mapped out a filming itinerary (we were short on time that day) and he filmed and edited the whole thing. He is incredibly talented, did an amazing job and I am unbelievably proud to be his sister. You can read more about my brother HERE. And here’s the video he made too!

A few weeks later they announced the finalists, and I had actually been picked as one! I was so thankful, surprised and so appreciative of being chosen!

After Labrada picked the top 7 female finalists, the contest was then opened up for a popular vote. The videos were posted online and there was a button that people could click next to the name of their favorite contestant. The vote was never to decide or choose the winner, rather, it was simply a fun way to include friends, family, and the public. As the days and weeks went on, the numbers next to my video grew high! It was crazy to receive so many texts, calls, and emails from people from all over the country that were following my progress!


On the day the winners were to be announced, Matt, in anticipation of me possibly being chosen as the winner, had taken the day off to hang out with me while we waited on the phone call. But the phone call never came. Late in the afternoon, one of my dear friends saw the results on Instagram and texted me the news. I have to admit that I was sad to have not been chosen as the winner, but at the same time was still so very appreciative and honored to have even been chosen as a finalist. I genuinely and sincerely congratulate the Labrada 2015 Spokesmodel winners! The team that decided the outcome said that it was a tough decision for them to choose a winner, and for those two to be the ones picked out of that deliberation is a great honor for them!

Thank you again to everyone who voted, passed along my link, encouraged me, prayed for me, and rooted me on in this contest for the role of Labrada Spokesmodel.

Shortly after they chose the winner, I received an invitation from Labrada Nutrition giving the remaining 6 women and 6 men the opportunity to become Labrada Ambassadors. It involves taking a few pics each week of my normal life using the Labrada products that I already use every single day, but I now receive those for free as a sponsored athlete!!!! I love Labrada’s company, love their products, and especially love their current team. Even though I didn’t win first place, I have accepted the role of a Labrada Ambassador Athlete and am so excited to get to be a part of the Labrada team/family.

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  1. Your story is so encouraging Meg! Thanks for sharing! Do you prepare your meals ahead of time or do you prepare it at the same time you make you family’s meals?

    1. Hi. And thank you! As far as meal prep…it just depends on the week. Mostly, yes, I try to plan ahead and make some bulk meals for me ahead of time. I make turkey meatloaf, or grill some chicken to use in different ways, or make homemade granola and my favorite is the Jamie Eason Chocolate Crisps (I eat those a lot and you can find the link on Pinterest.) Usually on Sunday afternoons I prepare my food for the week. But if that doesn’t happen, because you know with kids plans often change, then I’ll take one night when I’m already in the kitchen preparing dinner and I’ll make a few meals at once (I’ll just start food prep earlier that evening). The kids love to help too, so it becomes a family event sometimes. I’ll try to post a blog about this soon to help with more details!

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