Meet Thomas Hurst

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Thomas Hurst. Thomas is a man who loves Jesus first and foremost, loves his family, and loves others.

Hurst Family 2014-41-ZF-9574-85332-1-001-041-2We know him and his wife because he was also one of the lead pastors at our same church (at a different location) before it all closed down last year. His magnetic, endearing, and hilariously funny personality was, and still is, a joy to so many! He is an accomplished, award winning photographer, who has traveled the world and has recently invented a new kind of phone case, called COVR, that I think is absolutely brilliant.

Thomas and his wife, Angela, are parents to three young boys and a new baby girl. A few years ago, Angela was diagnosed with late-stage cancer, while pregnant with their fourth son, Samuel. Angela and I were pregnant at the same time, our due dates only about 2 weeks apart from one another. I, also, was pregnant with my fourth son. Shortly after Angela’s diagnosis, little baby Samuel was born, but tragically died soon after.

I can still remember vividly exactly where I was when I found out the news that Samuel had died. Matt received the phone call while we were swimming as a family in our backyard. With pool water and tears streaming down my face, we prayed for the Hursts’ to find peace and comfort in Jesus in that tragic moment. That day, and in the months that followed, my husband and I were absolutely heartbroken for them and felt very tangibly the weight of their loss as our own pregnancy progressed.

IMG_7464Angela is a picture of pure sweetness, strength, grace, and dignity. Her cancer is now in remission and they recently had another child, an adorable baby girl named Cora! We celebrate with them this new little life!

Thomas reached out to me just after I entered the Labrada Spokesmodel contest and was a voice of support and encouragement as I eagerly waited to hear the results. After the news came out that I had not won, he gave me the best ‘no-fluff pep talk’ I’ve ever heard.

Thomas said that I had 24 hours to pout and sulk before he was going to challenge me to start thinking through how to move forward.

“You put yourself out there and you wanted it and they said no. It sucks, so you get 24 hours to feel s**tty about it and then you get to move on. I think your 24 hours are up so now its time to press forward, which, you’re already doing, so lets talk about what’s next.”

His response was EXACTLY what I needed in that exact moment. He told me that he believed in me, my story, and my message and helped me to begin brainstorming as to how I would move forward.

“I love working with you Meg…I see your potential so my reason and motivation is being excited to see you use all of the experiences, wisdom, gifts that God has given you to do something really amazing for other women. If I thought all of this was just about Meg trying to be a big deal for herself I’d not be involved, but I really believe God has given you a voice that is going to be able to cut through the noise and God’s going to speak through you into the hearts and lives of a lot of other women and I would be honored to get to help you anyway I can…”

Thomas is a huge part of bringing this “vision” to existence. He helped me to dream and brainstorm, allowing me to bounce about a hundred (or more!) ideas off of him each day as he gave great feedback and insight. Without his contribution, I am confident I wouldn’t have had the first clue as to how to get this journey started.

Thank you, Thomas. You are a gift from God.