Meet my brother, Matt

Yes, my brother and my husband have the same name, which at times has caused quite a bit of confusion in conversations with family! But, I cannot tell you how much I love my brother. There’s a reason my first born, my daughter, has his middle name.

uncle matt is the coolest

We’ve seen one another at our best, and seen one another at our worst, yet we still love and enjoy one another a ton!

We are both married now…

matt's wedding

with families of our own…

siblings now with babies of our own

yet the distance and the long stretches of time away don’t affect us.

jurassic park movie

We can pick right back up wherever we left off at any time.

When I began brainstorming and thinking up ideas for this blog, he was (and still is) the best sounding board. I cannot tell you how many times I would go through my vomit of ideas and he would patiently, lovingly, sometimes painstakingly sort through them all with me.

me and my bro

My brother is one of the most kind, tenderhearted, selfless servants I’ve ever known. To watch him love others continually amazes me. He loves to live life fully and he loves to make others feel special.

me and bro matt

To have his feedback and his thoughts on this project of mine is immeasurable in value. And to get to call him family is the absolute best part of all! His mind is sharp and his creativity unmatched. His feedback and practical tips have saved me a whole lot of heart ache…and time!

Matt, I love you brother and am proud to be your sis. Thank you for ALL of your help. Without you there is NO way I could have accomplished any of this. Thank you for your time, your insights, your instruction, and your ideas. And thank you most of all for loving me.

Love you,

Your “seestir”

sibling fun