Meet my husband, Matt


On one hand it seems like we’ve been together for forever yet at times it feels like our wedding was yesterday. I remember how nervous and excited we were.

I remember seeing his face as I walked down the isle toward him. I remember the world feeling brand new. Like life would always be amazing with brighter blue skies and greener green grass…..

Fast forward thirteen years later…..

christmas beach pics

We live in California??? We have FIVE crazy children???

kisses and hugs

We have lived in 4 different locations. Two different states. Countless job titles. We have traveled together. We have made friends together. Lost friends together. We’ve fought. We’ve worked it out. We’ve wept. We’ve laughed. We’ve struggled. We’ve thought it was easy. We have thought there’s been nothing more difficult. We’ve pushed one another away. We’ve run back to one another. We’ve gone to bed without working out our fights. We’ve regretted that every time. We’ve had desires to leave. We’ve had moments that we can’t fathom we EVER had a desire to leave.

montage beach-laguna

Yet through it all I am overwhelmed with all of the ways I am thankful for him. He is a treasure. A joy. A steadfast rock that I am continually thankful to be in covenant with for life.

Wallace Family; beach pictures; Laguna, CA

I wouldn’t choose anyone else. I want to keep doing life with him. Come what may, he’s mine and I’m his! I am so thankful he picked me and that every day since he still chooses me.

me and matt

There are some moments when I look around at our crazy house with our loud kids and there’s still moments of total shock that this is the same ‘him and me’ that was us a decade ago. I cannot believe how richly blessed we are!

Matt and Meg Wallace-Pelican Hill golf course

Wallace Family; One Glass Slipper; five kids, golf course; laughing together

Life isn’t perfect and there is a thousand questions as to what the Lord is doing with us, but I honestly, thoroughly, tremendously do love our lives together.

Marriage is work. It’s hard. It’s time consuming. It takes effortWallace Family; Pelican Hill; golf course family fun; five kids; One Glass Slipper; hands

But for the grace of God…

To be steadfast and longsuffering, to fight FOR one another, to intentionally care for one another. To pursue. To search after. To resolve conflict. To truly “see” each other. To make time to talk, to spend time with one another, to listen, to enjoy. To push through when it gets hard. To cling to one another when everyone else has gone. To pray with one another. To continue to learn, to grow, to study. To cherish one another, to understand one another. To repent. To forgive.

That work is worth. every. single. second.

And the joy that results is far greater than any fairy tale.

walking down the beach

Matt Wallace, you are loved. You are revered, cherished, respected, honored, and valued. You have impacted countless lives, none of which more so than my own. I am truly honored to be your wife. You deserve far more than I could ever find words to write. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for giving me you. And thank you for your support.

You are my happily ever after!

birthday dinner; sunset