Potty Training in ONE day: Part 2 (of 3)

Potty Training in ONE day! Best Method EVER! If you’re new here and are wondering if the title of this post is legit and if you really can POTTY TRAIN IN ONE SINGLE DAY, let me assure you that this method REALLY does work! I’ve trained all five of my children using this method and there is no chance I would ever do anything different. However, if you’re just now finding this blog and this method of Potty Training in ONE single day is something you are interested in, please begin first by reading my Part 1. What you’re reading now is the second post for very specific reasons and if you miss Part 1 you’ll miss crucial information for you to move forward with this style of training. Part 1 will give a better framework for why this method works like magic.

So, now, if you’ve already read Part 1 and you’re all set to get going, then let’s get started! This can be a really fun process if you’ll let it be. Of course, there are challenges and the day might feel long, but choose to see this as a huge mile marker in the life of your child and celebrate the good that will result! Not to mention the diapers you will no longer have to buy!

There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare.

Seven Prep Steps:

Step 1 (4 weeks til training day): Look ahead and pick a day when you will train.

It needs to be around a time when there is no travel, no new baby coming right away, no people staying in your house, no major holidays to celebrate. You need to be able to have one full day of NO interruptions and nothing out of the ordinary.

Step 2: Keep it a surprise!

As you move closer to this time do NOT introduce potty training until you have decided to start. Do not set out a potty just because the child seems interested. Do not let them play around and sit on the big potty. Do not buy them a kid potty seat and let them try it out before the actual day. These things must be saved for the excitement of that special training day.

DO: Let them watch you, or other siblings, or (if a boy) daddy as you go to the restroom.
DO: Explain the process and answer any questions, but keep explaining to them that their time has not yet come.
DO: Tell them their “day” is coming. Ask them if they are getting excited to learn such a special new thing!
DO: Let them see their poo and pee in their diaper. Kids get curious about what it is. If you’ll show them, then it’ll be less scary when it comes out of them and goes into the potty. Start talking about how soon they’ll learn to pee and poo like mom and dad and it won’t be nearly as gross as it is now.

Step 3 (3 weeks out): Purchase your big supplies to have them ready.

#1: Doll that pees BOY and GIRL with a bottle, dressed in a hat or bow (one idea is to pick one that matches something your child has so they can match for the day) and with a little mini toilet seat.

#2: Potty seat that sits on the floor, and one that sits on the toilet seat. THIS one is my fav.

#3: A step stool, one that has arms to hold onto as they climb and rubber padding so they don’t slip,

#4: Loose fitting underware. THIS kind is my fav.

#5: Big boy OR Big girl themed underwear (you won’t introduce this until child has mastered the skill, so don’t show them yet!!!).

#6: Dog pads like THIS or just plan to use old towels (but the pads are easier because you just throw them away instead of having to do more laundry).

#7: Potty Books. Anything that talks about using the potty. Examples are HERE and HERE. The one I have is HERE but there is a boy version too.

Potty Training in ONE day! Best method ever!

Step 4 (1 week out): Look forward to Training Day!

Make an at home calendar (or a paper chain) with your child to show them exactly what day they are going to learn to use the potty. Talk about it often. If there are family members, close friends, or neighbors let them know that day is coming and have them say something encouraging to your child. Have siblings write a note or color them a picture. Make it a topic of conversation every day. “The day is coming!” “You’re going to learn something new and it’s going to be awesome!” “It’s going to be such a fun day!”

Caution: personalities differ from child to child. If you notice the build-up creates any anxiety, then lessen the excitement and assure them you’ll show them every single step they’ll need to know and that you’ll be right there by their side.

If they get “into” the excitement, then play it up for them and go all out.

Make plans for where other family members will go, make arrangements for dad to be gone, large dogs to play elsewhere, other kids to not be home. I would recommend everyone except you and child get out of the house until the afternoon. You need one-on-one time at least until the child’s nap to just focus on him/her with no interruptions. If a delivery is coming, let your neighbor receive it. If you are having company, then move it to another day. No, no one can watch you. No, no one should come for lunch to check in. No, no one should be calling you. You are off line, and unreachable for the whole morning.

Step 5 (3-4 days out): Gather smaller supplies.

#1. Stickers. Pick something your child will like, maybe a theme from a movie or just circles ones like THIS.

#2. Salty snacks (peanuts, chips, crackers, pretzels, gold fish, rice cakes) don’t think of only healthy, think salty. I know, I know, I know…but this is an exception. And this is supposed to be a very special day filled with lots of foods and treats they normally wouldn’t see. For just this one day set healthy aside (within reason) and get them some pre-packaged, individulally sized snacks they would really love to try (it’s part of the excitement for them to see things they’ve never before been allowed to have!).

#3. Drinks. Not just water…get them juice boxes and Gatorade, Capri Sun (I prefer the 100% juice ones), sodas like Sprite or Fanta or whatever else they would light up to get to have.

#4. Straws. Get funky ones with loops or butterflies or just anything silly and fun! Anything to encourage him/her to drink as much as possible.

#5 Treats. Gather some treats (know what you’re child likes-chocolate or fruity candy). Find something small like Skittles or M&M’s…NOT suckers. The “reward” needs to be quick. Nothing that will distract and take to long to consume. Think tiny, and bite sized and something you can give either just one or 5-6 of depending on the reward. Again, do NOT show any of this to your child before the potty training day!

**If you want to buy in bulk then get some fun little baggies (or decorate them yourself) to make each snack one little handful of something that they’ll enjoy and be able to eat quickly.

Step 6 (2 days out): Make charts.

You can make your own “yay potty” free printable charts HERE. Or you can buy something that is already done, like THIS. Make a few copies. You should only need one or two the first day and then you’ll keep this up for the next two days. After that, you shouldn’t need any more stickers or charts.

Step 7 (night before): Prep time.

Gather snacks (prepackaged and made cute) into two baskets or two boxes, one for drinks and one for snacks. Refrigerate the drinks. Having them cold helps. Make them look special.

Potty training in ONE day! Best method EVER!

Put towels or dog liners on floor, set potty seat on top of that…all of this in or near the kitchen.

Set snacks near you. Set out books (preferably ones that talk about the potty), set up a lap top to be able to show a quick video as you get started. Keep candy nearby but not visible. Get a good night’s rest and you’re ready to go!!!

Next post with all of the details for the day of will be up tomorrow!!!

3 Replies to “Potty Training in ONE day: Part 2 (of 3)”

  1. Oh, I am so scared to do this with 2 at once! Plus, their daycare has already introduced them to the potty, so we missed that one :-(.

    1. Tammy, I have been getting questions about this all day. I’ve decided I’m going to write a fourth post about what to do about trouble shooting if the steps haven’t been ideal so far…I’ll try to post that by the early part of next week so after you read that let me know if there are any more questions. I’d love to help in any way I can!

      1. Come over and do it for me?? Just kidding. I can tell the boys aren’t ready yet, but they have already set the potty routine in their classroom. So as soon as they are following the routine and fairly consistently peeing in the potty, I will keep them home for a day and get ‘er done!!

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