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peanut butter chocolate protein acai bowl

protein acai bowls; meg marie wallace; healthy recipespeanut butter chocolate protein acai bowl

Finding recipes that I absolutely love, that are healthy, easy to make, are something my kids beg for and I never get sick of are sort of like finding a unicorn! This recipe meets every one of those requirements and more! It has protein in it for energy and muscle recovery, some sweetness because good grief I have such a sweet tooth, fresh berries, peanut butter and chocolate because, well, those are just all so amazing together…and whenever my kids hear that I’m making these they are in the kitchen faster than you’d ever imagine!

This is one of my absolute favorite snacks to have in the afternoon. I don’t know about you but I get some pretty fierce sugar cravings at about 2-4 pm every day. Please tell me I’m not the only one! But I refuse to just indulge in whatever junk might be laying around, like those leftover brownies staring at me from the stovetop. I’ve had to look hard for options that don’t get me off track with my fitness goals. This little dish not only curbs that sugar craving but it is perfect for my kids as well.

I buy my acai berries prepackaged and from Costco. The day I found them there I’m pretty sure I let out a little yelp of excitment right there in the isle! I soften the packet just a little bit under warm water before I blend together those first few ingredients in my Nutribullet.

My Labrada protein that I add into it is also perfectly safe for my kids and me. (Make sure to use my discount code (meg10) at check out if you decide to get this exact kind.)

This recipe came from me trying to mimic an acai bowl from a little hole in the wall shop just around the corner from my house. My friend first brought me one the day I came home from the hospital after my son broke both of his arms. I hadn’t eaten in over 48 hours so when she dropped it off on my doorstep it was better than finding a little pot of gold. I would say that it was so good because I was famished and I was close to eating my own arm off, but I’ve since that day I’ve been to maaaaany other shops that make acai bowls and non of them even come close!

So I was left with no choice but to either spend all of our savings getting these bowls daily or try to make my own!

I hope you like it too! Please let me know if you try my recipe and what you think!



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protein acai bowls meg marie wallace





2 Replies to “protein acai fruit bowls”

  1. I’ve got be be honest, I’m equal parts excited and scared! I going to push through my fear and give this my all! Thank you so much for your words and this plan, Meg! We are blessed to have you with us during this journey!!

    1. oh my goodness, you’re so sweet! and yes, i get it!! i get nervous each time I have to start over too. but don’t be scared! It’s not rocket science. It’s just eating right and getting moving. Building muscle takes time, so be patient with yourself. All six rounds might be a bit much to start off with if you’re brand new to working out so just do what you feel comfortable with. You can start with one circuit 1 and one circuit 2 and then next week repeat week one doing two of each circuit. You can take this at your own pace. xoxo-M

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