Pumpkin Patch Day!

Today we took our little family and drove to a farm about an hour away from our house. We went there last year and LOVED it, so we had to make the effort to go again this year. And I must say…despite the fact that my car read 101′ today, it finally feels like fall!

five kids with huge lollipops!
crew picking up pumpkinWe met up with a few other families and made it a party! The kids love getting to run around the farm and pick their own pumpkins! And I love that our cell phones didn’t work and there is no internet access. A day at the farm with no technology sounds like heaven to me!

Riley's Farm

The farm is called Riley’s and it is absolutely beautiful. We got there right when it opened to beat the heat and the crowds and it totally paid off.

mama and crew

cow at Riley's farm

The cows loved my boys…well, at first. My two oldest kept feeding them apples that had fallen on the ground. Then they tried to feed this one a stick…he didn’t like that as much as the apples so he made a loud noise to let them know…which scared my boys so they ran off!

tractor at Riley's Farm

Tractor ride was a must! This farm has it all!!

choosing a lollipop

This one was attached to my hip the entire day! I wish I had a pic of his face when I told him “yes, you can have that whirly pop!” It was the sweetest, happiest little smile ever!crew and his whirly pop

gold fish in my pocket

My skirt had pockets that I put to GOOD use today! 🙂

sign at Riley's

canon picking flowers

My Buddy was so sweet. He asked if he could pick me a flower. Of course, he went to get an orange one. But then a huge bumble bee flew right by him just after I took this photo.  He squealed and ran back to me and said, “mom, you don’t REALLY need a flower that bad do you?”

kate and me in orchard

Riley's Farm

This place is the absolute best place to get pumpkins from! It is so scenic and the weather happened to be amazing today!
kissy face

My youngest loves to play a game where he has me sit down, then he’ll back up and charge at me to try to knock me over. Of course, I let him, but he has to pay me back with a kiss!!!! Best.game.ever.

crew tackling mama

colonial home

There is an old colonial house that has now been turned into a restaurant. They also sell fresh baked apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies, cookies and turnovers. You can sure bet we purchased a few items over there!

eating caramel apples

pumping water

The kids are learning how “they” used to get water “back then!” Now the kids are all so much more appreciative of the spout on the refrigerator door!

kai in the stocks

I think I could should build these…to have at the house…maybe five of them…for when I need to cook dinner… 🙂

candy table

pumpkins in our wheelbarrow

lovely girl kate in a tree

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

honey sticks

These honey sticks are nostalgic for me. I loved getting them when I was little. And now I have the joy of making the same kinds of memories for my own kids.

boys feet at riley's farmfam at Riley's farm

Even though the weather here is still super hot, today really felt like fall. Watching the kids pick pumpkins, run and play, as well as the time with friends, was just perfect. This was year #2 for this farm adventure and I’m sure there will be many more to come. I love making traditions with the kids and this one has quickly become one of my favorites.

Tell me what fall traditions you have that you love!!!

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