Randomness & Fun



My sister recently shared with me a list of all of the great and amazing things that she’s accomplished in her life. She’s traveled the world, visited almost every state in the United States, eaten exotic foods, understands the diversity of many different cultures, has been sky diving, scuba diving, and on TV…as I read her list I began to think…hmmmm…..we grew up together, but our lives have turned out oh so radically different from one another! So, thanks to my sister’s suggestion, I thought that I could come up with my own list too! Mine looks NOTHING like hers, but that’s okay, we’re all different and that is something to celebrate!

And since I always love it when I meet someone new and can quickly to get to the fun stuff, like humor, silliness, and lightheartedness, I thought I’d share my list with you too! 🙂

  1. I’ll start with this fun fact…Yes, I really was pregnant with and birthed all five of my children. You would probably be shocked at how many times I am asked that question, so I thought I’d just answer it right off the bat before you see me at Target and stop to ask me like every other person in every other aisle and I’ve only got 10 minutes before one of them is going to lose their mind in case any of you were curious too. I even had a shirt made after my fourth child was born so that I would not have to answer it quite as often! (For the record, it didn’t help at all.)

funny shirt2. Every single time I see the ocean, I inhale as deeply as I can just to try to take it all in. It’s like a peaceful sigh of rest when I see that huge expanse of water. Gets me every time.

3. Nothing beats a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie…or two…or nine. Slightly under-baked is the best. Basically, warmed up cookie dough is what I want.

4. I learned to water ski and snow ski when I was five…”learned” meaning I fell a million times, ate half the mountain, and swallowed half a lake, but in the end I did in fact learn.

5. I know how to shoot a gun. FBI agents daughter, nuf said. He used to clean his guns when boys would come over to the house, and eventually taught me how to use one…just in case. 🙂

6. When people ask me and my husband what our “hobbies” are, we typically answer “riding escalators and visiting the ER with our kids.” Because…well…we do a lot.using a saw

7. I LOVE woodwork and can often be found using a miter saw, a power drill, an electric sander, or a staple gun, none of those tools do I actually own. My ex-shop teacher neighbor friend is amazingly generous and lets me steal use all of his tools! Alan, you are the best and I love you to pieces!!!!!!

8. I’m a total “girly girl” through and through. I love fashion, and hair, and makeup…I would post a pic of my bathroom counter…but the mess of products and makeup might scare you off, and this list is supposed to be fun so I’d better wait on that.

9. I can have full length conversations with my brother using only movie quotes. If you overheard us you would probably think we were clinically insane.

10.  I can write haiku poems like nobody’s business. Matt and I wrote them for each other as an exercise on a vacation one year. At first I thought the exercise was dumb, but once I got going I couldn’t stop. I get in a groove with it and then I start talking that way…and then no one else wants to stay in the same room as me…so I try to not get going with it too often so I can keep my friends…and my husband.

flex pic11. The gym is my sanity-finder-safe-haven. People ask me how I have the time??? uhhh…because at times my kids can drive me bonkers…because I don’t want to listen to Elmo anymore… because i need a break from laundry because I just have all kinds of free time and I am looking for some constructive ways to fill up my open schedule. 🙂

12. My “carriage” is a black suburban (which I love!) with five car seats inside, which is super rare here in OC…not the suburban part, the five kid part. I step out from behind those dark tinted windows with my lil blonde-haired-people-posse and the heads start turning, the jaws start dropping, and the mouths start moving as they loudly and animatedly count out each of my children. I’m calling you out fellow local Costco shoppers! 🙂

13. I unashamedly wear gloves every single time I do the dishes. Pink ones are my favorite.

14. I hate, absolutely hate, bugs of any kind in my home…or in my car…oh, and cleaning toilets. I really don’t like that at all either. And I have five boys in this home!!! What in the world??? God soooo has his ways of keeping us humble!

15.  I was 3 credit hours away from minoring in Spanish in college…yet I don’t remember ANY of it…but I do speak “baby” and have been nicknamed the baby whisperer by friends and family. I’ve heard it said that once you learn your second language the others get easier and easier…does “baby” count as my second language?! Is there a school that gives an accreditation for that?

16. I have a masters degree in potty training…well, not really, but I should because I do know how to potty train a child in one single day, have done it successfully four times over, and I can’t wait to help more moms to do the same! I’m serious when i say that potty training day is one of my all time favorite mommy days…and, yes, I am aware that writing that makes me sound like I’ve officially lost my mind.

17. My favorite color is gray, but since that usually doesn’t count, I’d have to say orange. Since I went to OU, I get a LOOOOOOT of slack for that because our rival is UT and they wear orange. But I don’t care. I like orange and I’m not afraid to say it. And I don’t like UT and I’m not afraid to say it! 🙂 Boomer Sooner!

18. I’d much rather be in 115 degree heat than in any degree considered “cold” which means, oh…anything below 70.

19. I have watched almost every season of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I won’t disclose my handful of close friends and family that have as well, but you know who you are and I love you all!!!!

20. Although I live in Southern California, I cringe when someone uses the expression that something is “rad.” I…just…can’t.

21. I secretly wish I was a ballerina, no joke.

22. My favorite beverage is water aaaaaaaaaand I’m not even joking on that one either.

23. When I am not writing…or beating my head against a table when I cannot figure out Word Press…I am typically picking up crushed goldfishies, waiting on a child in a bathroom, hunting for lost socks, stepping over match box cars, or playing hide and seek.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed the list!