the "marie" updo & birthday weekend

[vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace

Step 1: Gather hair in a loose low ponytail

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

2. Twist hair while holding it steady (avoid twisting from the scalp-just the pony part)

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

3. Keep wrapping it around into a low bun

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

4. Keep twisting it around if you have really long hair like mine and then and grab one of these little 1 in clips

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

5. Use one of those clips on the lower right side securing it to the head

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

6. Then do the same thing on the left. The trick here is to leave a lot of pieces out to make it messy

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

7. Hold the bun part steady and bump up the crown area so it’s not flat against your head

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

I also pull out some little pieces around my face and adjust the clips until I have that messy “done” look that I’m going for.


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This has been one of my most requested hair styles to date! I’ve worn this anywhere from the gym to a formal wedding and everything in between. This is by far my most worn hairstyle, my go-to, my safe place, my every day. 🙂

I have to admit that I’ve sort of stalled intentionally on this taking pics of this hair style. It’s one of the easiest things ever to do and it seems almost silly to actually do a tutorial. So, once you figure out how simple it is you have to try it and let me know how it goes!

Anyway, this past weekend Matt and I got away together as a couple for his birthday. I was in a hurry trying to pack when he wasn’t around because it was all a huge surprise. In my rushing I totally forgot to grab my camera! I think I would have rather forgotten anything else in my suitcase before my camera…but I’m trying to think of it as a good thing because maybe it would have distracting me from just getting time away together….(not really, but I’m making myself not be mad about it). 🙂

So, we’ve been married for a long time now but we are apparently always still learning about each other. I decided to try to go big in celebrating him this year. We can’t afford things like this normally but since it was a splurge and we only had the time to be away for one night I booked us a room at the JW Marriot in Palm Springs. It was beautiful and the room had the most perfect view. I’d go back there in a heartbeat!

But here’s the thing…if you’re going to ask me what my idea of the perfect getaway is I would tell you that it’s going to a place like the Marriot, sitting by the pool and reading a book. I used to be a little social butterfly, but since becoming a mom I really have turned into a bit of recluse. 🙂 Maybe its the fact that I can’t do anything alone anymore, or that there’s constantly voices and to-do’s from sun up to sun down…but I truly would be happy as a clam sitting in silence, with a book, in the sun with nowhere else to go.

Matt’s ideal vacation is anywhere he can explore. He wants to see new sights discover new spots, learn new things and find new places. He can’t sit still for long. But since we only had one night at this place and life has been a little extra busy lately I truly had thought he’d want to just relax with me. On the first day that we arrived he did. We sat by the pool, ordered food to be brought to us, and hung out reading. But by midmorning or so on the second day he had had it. He started getting fidgety and looked up options of other places to go. He even found a random abandoned town out in the middle of the desert that he wanted to go see. Apparently though, that little town only has one restaurant and it was closed on the day we were there…so I got to stay at the resort a little bit longer! 🙂

We’re back home now, and are trying to get back to normal. It’s amazing how one night away can sometimes throw off an entire week! Let me know if you try this updo! I hope you find it as easy as I’m telling you it is!

It’s off to bed for me! I cannot keep staying up this late! It’s 12:40 a.m. and I promised myself I’d be in bed on time tonight. I’m watching two more kids tomorrow and I’m pretty sure my morning self is going to hate my nighttime self!

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updothe "marie" updo by meg marie wallace; easy 3 step updo

the "marie" updo by meg marie wallace


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  1. Love it! Just gave it a try and it looks great! I had to use bobby pins tho cause I don’t have the other kind of clip you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

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