Top 15 Kid Gift Ideas-Just In Time For BLACK FRIDAY!

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Does anyone else love to shop online like I do??? Seriously, I just can’t get out to the stores like I used to. Staying home and shopping in my pajamas with my warm blankets and a cup of tea is my kind of night!
Every year is different. Some years I have lists of ideas of gifts for my kids for Christmas, and other years I struggle to come up with anything that I think they would enjoy. But Black Friday is just around the corner, so if you are like me and love a good sale then hopefully these ideas will help you out and you’ll be able to take advantage of some good deals!!!

I’ve done a little bit of research and here are some of my favorite gift idea picks!

  1. JOKE BOOK: My kids LOVE telling jokes. This one would be a good stocking stuffer gift for any child that knows how to read. This one would also be a fun thing to keep near your dinner table to use each night while you eat together!joke book
  2. LEGOS: These Lego packs have age appropriate recommendations on them, but with a little bit of assistance younger children can totally do them! My son, Canon, said this was his most favorite gift for his birthday last year and he is only 4.
    lego fire truckThere are some fun girl options too!
    frozen lego
  3. SNAP CIRCUITS: I LOVE toys that are fun and make my kids think! We got this one last year and it is definitely one my three oldest kids fight over getting to play with AND it’s educational! Win! Win! (NOT the fighting part, but the part that they actually love getting to play with it part!)
    snap circuits
  4. MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION SET: This one is perfect for young toddlers, yet still fun for the older ones too! These magnetic building blocks are large enough to not be eaten by a child, and small enough to be able to be built into whatever your child can dream up.magnets
  5. CAMERA: My kids love, love, love making videos and taking pictures. This little camera won’t break the bank and it also comes in purple!
    kid cam
  6. BUSY TOWN: Okay so this game is awesome! It’s like Where’s Waldo only way better! Every member of your family, even smaller toddlers, can play and actually enjoy it. This is one of our favorite game night choices.
    busy town
  7. WOOD PARKING LOT: If you have boys and if they love match box cars, then this is the gift idea for you!!! My boys LOVE getting to set up all of their cars in pretend parking lots and this one has so many layers to it!
    parking lot
  8. SPIRGRAPH: If you’ve got a little artist on your hands, this one is a unique change from just your typical coloring book. Add in a drawing pad and some colorful markers and you’ve got a complete gift!
  9. MICROSCOPE: Once again, I love the ones that the kids have fun with but that help fuel their curiosity and learning too! I haven’t yet tried this one out myself, but I’ve been eyeing it for one of my kids this coming year!
    microscopeAnd this box of slides gives the kids some cool things to start looking at up close!
  10. QUADCOPTER: My kids love anything that they can make fly! Clearly I have a lot of boys as I write that, but even my daughter loves to play too. And this particular quadcopter is 55% off right now until December 16th!!!
  11. SHRINKY DINKS: This one is another fun stocking stuffer idea! There are SO many options for both girls and boys. The kids have a TON of fun coloring and designing and then watching them shrink up!
    shrinky dinks
  12. HUMAN HAMSTER BALL: For the outdoor lover kiddo this one is soooo fun! We got this one for our kids last year and let them wear a go-pro while they were inside! Not only is it fun at the time, but cracking up later on at the things they said while flopping around inside was the best addition!!!
    human hamster ball
  13. INDOOR TRAMPOLINE: If you’ve got the space for it, then I could not recommend this one enough! Kids LOVE jumping!!! And you might even be able to cook dinner without your toddler right at your feet if you have this toy around! 🙂
  14. TRICYCLE: This is BY FAR my absolute favorite starter bike. I love that it isn’t plastic. I love that the seat is low to the ground. I love that it does not topple over. And the kids love the bell and the streamers.
  15. TRACING PAD: This one is gender neutral and intended for the one who loves to color and draw! It also comes in blue!
    tracing padIf you have some kid gift ideas too (of ANY age) please comment below and share them!! I’d LOVE to hear from you!!!

3 Replies to “Top 15 Kid Gift Ideas-Just In Time For BLACK FRIDAY!”

  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! This will help so much as I shop for not only my kids but also nieces and nephews. Glad to see y’all enjoy the busytown game. I almost got that for Landon’s bday but went with something else. Think I’ll get it for Christmas now! Thanks! ????

  2. The trampoline!! Genius! Especially as colder weather approaches and mama doesn’t want to bundle everyone up to brave the low temps every day! (Read:for those of us NOT within driving distance of the beach ????)

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