why water is better than mascara

Mascara can do wonders for an exhausted, overworked momma…..but water…water can do more than brighten the eyes…

a word about dehydration

Friends. Moms. Women….here’s a question for you: do you find yourself often struggling with confusion, headaches, loss of strength, fatigue, and loss of ability to focus?!

If yes, then please keep reading…especially if you’re a mom!

You’re probably often saying that you would do anything for a nap…no doubt raising kids is exhausting. And sleep is most certainly a huge factor in our overall wellness, but we can’t overlook the importance of water. Water is absolutely critical to our well-being and our functionality throughout the day.

I know from experience that drinking (*what I would call a ridiculous amount of) water truly does do wonders for exhaustion. It’s the first thing I go for to get some help after those all nighters with my kids. Sure, I still want a nap, and some coffee, but dehydration has some pretty steep consequences…making normal daily tasks, exercising, and caring well for others extremely difficult to do.

What we look like truly is not the end goal in drinking more water…and although I include so many benefits in this post for the outward, that just isn’t the most important thing…at all. Our intentality as moms to drink more water could quite possibly have huge impacts in our homes, giving us more energy and more endurance to continue to serve those we love most.

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallacewater: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

If you were to ask me if there was one key to unlock a healthy lifestyle, adequate hydration would be it. Drinking water not only affects our inward organs in some pretty amazing ways, but that results in huge impacts on our outward beauty too. I could literally write pages upon pages about the benefits of water, but for the sake of brevity I’m choosing to focus most specifically on the beauty aspect…because what mom wouldn’t mind not looking like a zombie? (um, me!)

I can guess what you’re already thinking….I know that not everyone enjoys drinking water…but maybe getting used to the idea of water helping us to slim down, give us mental clarity, and keep our faces looking less tired can be pretty useful in helping to keep us motivated to stay hydrated.

erasing fatigue and tiredness

When you lack energy and look tired all the time it will give you a very lethargic and indolent look. Dullness creeps all over you and makes you feel fatigued and down when you are dehydrated. Water will energize your body and will lubricate the joints and muscles. This will improve the skin around the eyes and stop them from drooping.

If you don’t like water, try green tea! It will help melt fatigue from your body and add form and texture to your muscles. You’ll be able to exercise longer and look healthier and more beautiful.

controlling weight gain

Don’t misunderstand me here…drinking more water will not necessarily make you lose weight. However, it can be helpful when it comes to controlling our appetites. Drinking lots of water, substituting water for other beverages with more calories, and the intake of water just before meals go a long way in taking unwanted pounds off.

Eating foods that contain a higher amount of water is another healthy way to lower caloric intake. Vegetables and fruits that contain water tend to be larger and take longer to chew…which means the rate of absorption is slower which helps make you feel full.

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

skin rejuvenation

I don’t know about you but I can tell an immediate difference in my skin when I am dehydrated. My lips become chapped and my skin is itchy. Drinking water is the my absolute best advice to healthy glowing skin. Our skin will become clearer as toxins are expelled from the body.

There are some incredible skin moisturizing creams out there, but only the intake of more water that will give a lasting glow. It is a super cheap and highly accessible solution…start drinking ladies!!!!

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

clearing under-eye dark circles

Dark under-eye circles can be due to aging, inadequate nutrition, lack of sleep or dehydration. Well balanced meals that include lots of vegetables, fruit and water is the best way to keep those circles away. If you are suffering from lack of sleep drinking more water will not only hydrate you but will also boost your energy levels and erase fatigue away from your eyes.

prevents acne from affecting your skin

I’m no expert here, but I can tell you from experience that people who battle with acne will definitely feel (and see) the difference in drinking adequate water on a regular basis. Often acne comes from drinking less and less water over long periods of time. Try adding either herbs or lemon for best results. Water helps to cleanse the body by ridding it of toxins. When those inward toxins are released outward skin eruptions lessen visibly.

If you know me at all you already know that water is my absolute favorite thing to drink. I really dislike strong flavored beverages of any kind so maybe it’s the simplicity of it or…maybe it’s because of all the research I’ve done through the years that help me to see it as a miracle worker..I’m not quite sure….but to me, there is nothing more satisfying to drink than water.

As I shared in my recent oils post, I LOVE to add 2 drops of Young Living lemon oil to my water each morning.

But I know for a fact that not everyone would say the same thing…I want to encourage you, though, to try to find new ways of making it more appealing to you. Drinking water shouldn’t be boring, painful or something you dread so try to come up with some creative ways to drink as much as you are able.

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

8 ways to infuse water:

-lemon & herbal tea

-orange & blueberry

cucumber & mint

-strawberry & lime

-pineapple & orange

-strawberry & grape

-lime and lemon

-cranberry and lime

water bottles

My best advice is to keep a water bottle with you. Mine is constantly within reach no matter where I am. I typically have it on my kitchen counter, in my car or in my diaper bag. I have to say, though, that I’m picky about my water bottles. Very picky. It needs to be something that is durable but useful too. I researched for days and days to find my perfect water bottle and finally found ReHydrate.

I had a fairly long list of criteria that took me longer than I’d thought it would to track down. I was looking for something that was BPA free, that didn’t sweat at all (I hate that), was 25 oz or more ( so I didn’t have to refill it as often), was stainless steel (because I wanted to use my YL oils in it), had the option of colors that I desired (because, well, I’m love things like that), was in a decent price range, and had a straw (I tend to drink far more water with straws because I don’t waste time taking lids on and off and because it’s far easier to drink when I’m on a treadmill).

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

I ordered mine here, but after I purchased mine I reached out to the company that made them as I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of their brand before. I told them that as far as I’m concerned they were creating the perfect water bottles and I wanted to do all I could to get their name out as much as I am able.

So, they sent me some free ones to give away to my readers!!!! How exciting is that?!?!


I have 3 bottles that will go to 3 individuals who are also willing to help get their name out there too. This will be a three step process:

  1. Share this post on Facebook
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  3. And then come back to this blog post and comment “finished” to let me know you’ve entered and you’ve completed with step #1 and #2!

water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace


water: why it should be your new bff | meg marie wallace

how much to drink?

On average it’s recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses (of 8 oz) of water per day…but that’s the baseline! If you’re nursing, or pregnant, or running after toddlers, or playing soccer with your big kids you need to drink even more! Especially on days you are working out! Physical heat, physical activity, and humidity can also really take a toll on us too. Usually I recommend that you add on another glass of water for every 30 minutes you spend exercising. And if you’re nursing AND exercising?! Well, you should probably just get one of those water backpacks and have a constant drip going! 😉 Okay, fine I’m kidding..but really….

Drink water people!!! And lots of it!!! Love it like your new BFF!

 Some of my favorite colors: 


Also, check out the INFUSER! You can add fruit right into the middle!

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  1. I could not agree more with every word of this! People think I am crazy, but I am constantly telling them that drinking more water can fix just about anything! Beautifully written ??

    1. I feel the same way! I can tell a huge difference on the days when I’m not drinking much and it makes me feel so sluggish. So glad you are encouraging others to drink it too!!! And it’s free! It’s the easiest “fix”!

  2. Finished!! Great read and you can’t beat that water is free!!! And just happens to be the best thing for you ?

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